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A wooden house, log house. History.

Дерев'яний будинок, зруб

When was built the first log house - a wooden house, built from solid treated (felled) tree trunks do not know anyone. It can be assumed that the history of the creation of the log house dates back to those times when a man in constant combat with wild nature had to find ways to create a safe haven from the influence of the environment. As a material for building houses our ancestors chose a tree, not only for its accessibility, as well as for the invaluable qualities: durability, ease of processing, low thermal conductivity. Knowing about the amazing bioenergy properties of trees, people worshiped them and inspired them. Creating for the family wooden house of the log, it was built not only housing but also a kind of microcosm - a world of comfort and warmth where everything was subordinated to their established customs, laws and regulations. On the territory of ancient Rus wooden house building has become one of the arts. With access to the most basic tools: an ax, an adze, drill, plumb, saw our ancestors created from wood, not only at home but princely mansions, churches and other buildings with its characteristic of each area its own unique style, transforming them into true architectural masterpieces. And although some of the secrets of old masters lost art of wooden housing construction continues to thrive to this day.

A modern wooden house of the log - cottage or cabin??

Дерев'яний будинок, зруб

In the XXI century, when the accelerated pace of modern life requires the maximum effort and health, not giving the opportunity to relax in each of our lives there comes a time when you want to leave the stuffy apartment and the urban bustle and find peace of mind in a comfortable home. The best choice for this purpose is – a wooden house, cut down by hand ancestral way. So what is a modern log house? Hut on chicken legs, or a small house with small windows and carved shutters? No, this is not true. The latest methods of computer-aided design and visualization enable you to develop projects of wooden houses, bringing them in different styles and implementing the most sophisticated architectural solutions. By applying advanced technology for processing of wood, and combining them with ancestral methods cutting, the present master of creating not just a wooden house, a modern wooden house, not inferior to the comfort and durability of brick houses, and in some ways superior to them. Massive walls of the house of the of a wild log have an aesthetic nature look and fit perfectly in any surrounding landscape, whether rural or city. With the ability to "breathe" cleaner, natural wood walls of the house supports the natural moisture and create a stable climate, without causing allergic reactions, and having a low thermal conductivity of the great keep warm. Also, under the influence of constantly emit volatile production with scents of pine needles and wood is a natural aromatherapy that are beneficial to the emotional state of man and his nervous system. Therefore, an increasing number of people seeking to live in the natural environment and protect yourself and your family from stress, prefer wooden houses.