Projects wooden bathouses.

        This page also provides standard designs modern wooden baths, developed by our specialists.

       It should be noted that the bath has always represented for the Slavic peoples, something more than just a room for washing. After the healing properties of hot water and a couple of people have learned almost since I learned how to make fire. The word "sauna" appeared in Greece and in ancient Greek means "pain and sadness casts" that confirms the use of baths, not only for washing but also for the treatment of various diseases.

       Ancient Slavs though and began to build a bath a little later the ancient Romans and Greeks, but only in Russia for washing in the bath was used a broom made ​​of wood branches with leaves, and she Wash in the bath has become a kind of ritual with established customs and rules. These traditions have survived to the present day, as well as the technology of creating wooden baths of the framework.

Project bathhouse №B1Project № B1
Project bathhouse №B2Project № B2
Project bathhouse №B3Project № B3
Project bathhouse №B4Project № B4
Project bathhouse №B5Project № B5
Project bathhouse №B6Project № B6
Project bathhouse №B7Project № B7
Project bathhouse №B8Project № B8

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