Ukraine, Transcarpathian region Uzhgorod district with. Esen, st. Petefi, 92.

About company
When creating a wooden house, a cottage, a chalet or a cottage from a log house, we build for you not just a room, but a cozy and comfortable, ecologically clean, decent housing.

TM "Канадские срубы"

Private enterprise "Canadian log houses " was founded in 2008. This is a small family-owned company that specializes in building wooden houses, churches, cottages, chalets, summer houses, bathhouses. The name indicates the construction method used at the enterprise - "Canadian log house". Improving and developing this method, combining traditional cutting methods with modern wood processing technologies, we strive to create for you good-quality and high-quality housing. The key to this is the officially registered trademark "Canadian log houses". Our teams consist of residents of Transcarpathia, where for centuries, from generation to generation, carpentry craft was developed and developed, unique products of which wooden churches of Transcarpathia, created without a single nail, in specific architectural styles of the Carpathians: "Boykovsky", "Lemkovsky" and "Hutsul" still exist.

spruce forest

To build wooden houses, we use only high-quality timber of spruce from environmentally friendly high-mountainous regions of the Carpathians, personally chosen by our specialists and complying with all European standards. And although it is believed that this species of wood is inferior in strength and durability to other species of trees (pine, larch), our ancestors built houses from smereka. Some of these wooden houses have survived to this day, with an age of more than 100 years. Possessing durability, low sound and thermal conductivity, spruce wood, color, texture and unique flavor make it an indispensable material for the construction of environmentally friendly and warm housing.

Build a wooden house

All work on the construction of log houses is done manually. This ensures high accuracy of fitting logs and other structural elements. Thus, we achieve not only the quality of the facility, but also its strength, and, accordingly, its durability. The engineers of our company will select for you a ready-made or develop a new original author's project that matches your desire and in the shortest possible time will build an exclusive, comfortable, environmentally friendly, reliable house or any other building felled from logs (restaurant, hotel, cottage, bathhouse or garden arbor). Also, when designing, the foundation is calculated taking into account individual features of the structure.

Canadian log houses

For our clients, under a separate agreement, we carry out the construction of housing "turnkey", while providing a number of additional services: foundation casting, roofing, plumbing, electrical work, installation of heating systems and so on. Upon completion of construction, we will help arrange the design of the room, and provide information support to the customer during its operation.