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When creating a wooden house, a cottage, a chalet or a cottage from a log house, we build for you not just a room, but a cozy and comfortable, ecologically clean, decent housing.

Wooden house. Options and prices.

When choosing a house is always one of the questions to the construction company is the question of equipment and prices.

How much it costs to build a wooden house made of logs and how the estimate of the project?

When designing a wooden house, chalet, bath or cottage from a log house to achieve the maximum price / quality ratio, in each case an individual calculation of the project cost is made. When calculating the budget of a wooden house project, there are always a number of changing factors:

  • choice of material (for the construction of a high-quality wooden house, trunks of carpathian spruce (smereka) with a diameter of 30 to 50 cm are selected. They are up to 12 meters long, growing in the mountainous regions of the Carpathians and having a good density of wood, that is, trees aged 40-50 years. );
  • building area, wall thickness, (these parameters affect the amount of spent of the material);
  • the complexity of the execution of the project (implementation of unusual technical solutions are not provided in the standard projects);
  • using the most modern technologies and materials for woodworking.

With this in mind, the price is the cost of a wooden house is constantly changing, but in the end it still is cheaper than a house made of bricks, without succumbing to the latest in strength and durability, and surpassing him on ecology and cosiness.

What gets the client ordering the house of the log with us?

Ordering a wooden house with us you get a totally free developed according to your wishes original author's project.

Also in the price includes:

  • creation and installation of a timber frame house on the premises;
  • house demolition and its preparation for transportation;
  • transportation to the place specified by the customer (the price negotiated separately, depending on the distance of transportation);
  • Installation of wooden houses on the prepared foundation and laying mezhventsovogo heater (natural linen) on the site specified by the customer;
  • obsada installation (boxes for door and window openings arranged so that the wall as they shrink freely move relative boxes);
  • installation of "rough" floor;
  • laying channels for wiring;
  • assembling the roof batten and its thermal insulating coating film;
  • antiseptic treatment at all stages of production;