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When creating a wooden house, a cottage, a chalet or a cottage from a log house, we build for you not just a room, but a cozy and comfortable, ecologically clean, decent housing.

The project of a wooden house made of log.

Having made the decision to build a house, each person seeks to find such a project that would best suit his tastes and provide him and his family with the necessary level of comfort.

On this page we present to your attention the standard designs of wooden houses, developed by our specialists. By giving you a choice, we draw your attention to the fact that when ordering, we can make changes to the standard design of a log house. If you want to have an original and unique architectural wooden house made of logs, then we will take into account all the wishes and develop a new author's project for you individually.

Starting to develop a new project, a sketch of the house is initially created. At the next stage, a housing plan is drawn up, in which, in order to achieve maximum comfort and functionality, not only the number of rooms, but also their location is taken into account. Indeed, many other things depend on the correct location of the rooms, including air circulation and space heating. After drawing the plan, a computer visualization of the project is made, which will allow you to see your house before it is created. And do not be afraid to experiment. Having extensive practical experience in the construction of wooden houses, using the “Wild Canadian Log House” method, our specialists can implement the most complex design solutions for you, while combining the most diverse styles and trends.

Choose your project or we will develop a new one for you!

Деревянные дома до 100кв.м.
Wooden houses up to 100sq.m.
Деревянные дома до 200кв.м.
Wooden houses up to 200sq.m.
Деревянные дома від 200кв.м.
Wooden houses from 200 sq.m.
Лазні, сауни
Baths, saunas
Бази відпочинку
Recreation facilities