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When creating a wooden house, a cottage, a chalet or a cottage from a log house, we build for you not just a room, but a cozy and comfortable, ecologically clean, decent housing.

"Wild Canadian log cabin" - what is it?

During the construction of wooden houses, there are several ways of laying wooden walls, the angles of joints, training material, the use of specific tools that are somewhat similar to each other. This is the "Russian", "Norwegian", "Canadian" log.

Традиционная руская рубка

Traditionally the most common is "Russian" type of log house, which is characterized by a connection "in the bowl" ("in oblo") - semi-circular recess with a slot selected by half the diameter of the logs). When cutting "in the cup," the logs are stacked in such a way that the ends of the logs in favor of the plane of the wall by about 20-40 centimeters. When laying logs "in the bowl" as the logs are put down the bowl and up - "in the saddle." However, this method has its own log drawback - the weight is distributed mainly on the grooves, and with desiccation cracks are formed, requiring periodic caulking iron.

Норвежская рубка

More common in Europe, "the Norwegian log cabin," which is used instead of round wood flitches (polubrus) - exactly hewn on two sides of a beam with a diameter of at least 300 - 350 mm. A feature of this method of cutting is a special design of "cups" of rectangular shape which compresses as Wall carcass shrinkage and eliminates gaps. Yet in this way is a lack of log - if there is more shrinkage cracks in the wooden house than from a single log, as in the processing of disturbed natural structure of wood.

Канадская рубка

Canadian log cabin although recently appeared in Ukraine, but is becoming more popular. It combines all the advantages of the "Russian" and "Norway" means log houses, namely, borrowing from the "Russian log house" laying solid wall beams, angles, is held together by "cup" special "trapezoidal" shape, which is in the process of the Norwegian extent of shrinkage compacts log walls and eliminates the gaps. Our company builds log homes, cottages, chalets, cottages, bath houses exclusively by the method of "Canadian log house" by hand, using our highly qualified professionals and tools from leading European manufacturers.

Construction of wooden houses.

The process of creating a wooden house is from 4 to 5 months and was originally started in the company that makes the most quality to perform cutting and processing timber, using the most modern technology that would have been impossible in the "field" conditions.

The first step in creating your "green" houses after the approval of the project is the selection of Carpathian spruce logs (Smereka), which our specialists are on-site tree-felling. To create a smooth, durable and meet all the modern trends of architecture requires a log house walls that have good density, length from 6 to 12 m and a diameter of 30 to 50 cm

Oчистка древесины

In the next step delivered to the plant timber is processed manually by Canadian special planer to remove the crust. It is not damaged outer layer of wood, which is involved in the proper filtration of air in consequence of that inside the building creates a unique microclimate, cool in summer and warm in winter, and also makes the wood more stable and protected from the external environment.

Выемка пазов

After sanding wood is measuring and cutting the logs to fit your needs. In the future, with high-precision instruments are counting on all slots connections, which depends on the accuracy of docking logs in the assembly house. At the end of recess grooves, polished sections of the place, which ensures the closure of pores of wood and in this way protects it from moisture and protects against pests.

Сборка стен деревянного дома из сруба

The process of initial assembly of wooden houses from the log requires highly skilled professionals, as well as having a different diameter of tree trunks should be possible to accurately calculate the height and width of the walls by reducing the gaps between the logs to a minimum. During the assembly and fitting of log walls, each log is numbered and is an additional control, after which the structure is disassembled and prepared for transportation.

Монтаж деревянного дома из срубау

The final stage is the final assembly of the felled houses on the site of the customer. At the initial stage to the finished basement waterproofing is placed and fastened the first row of logs (crown) for which our company is used oak. All minimum clearances between the logs are filled with natural seal - flax, which is due to precision fitting logs and apply the "Canadian log cabin" completely invisible. At window and door openings shall be calculated and reinforcements necessary clearances, adjusted for future shrinkage and shrinkage of the walls. In the ready-laid walls of channels for electrical wiring.

In order to protect the wood from the effects of pests and the environment, antiseptic treatment is carried out. To do this, use drugs whose effectiveness has been tested in practice and when tested in many European countries. Processing with these preparations is carried out at all stages of construction three times: the first - during the processing of logs and grooves, the second - after the initial assembly, the third - during the final assembly.

We guarantee framework for two years in the future are always ready to help with advice on the operating instructions manual, care and conduct of ongoing repair work that will save you from mistakes and ensure strength and durability of the house for many decades.